by generifus

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Wrote and recorded a new song every day for the month of March 2014. These are the results. More info/credits/photos at


released March 30, 2014


tags: pop folk Olympia


all rights reserved


generifus Olympia, Washington

Spencer Sult with different buds playing live..

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Track Name: March 1st, 2014
got there just in time
it nearly wasnt mine
though i couldnt tell one way or not

a piece of what was free
at least it seemed to me
if there was money then i didnt see

waddle on were full of garbage
to the top, thats what we want
piled up high to make a village

steal it in the night
when no one is awake
i know just the one that you should take

stash it in my spot
there will be some room
once i bring my empties to the moon
Track Name: March 3rd, 2014
people in a math equation
god himself could not say when it ends
what comes up
must be high
to be allowed
sometimes thats why

oh no i made a thing
is there room? i gotta see
and in the meantime i will call my mom
and see if anything is wrong

keep a book with all the numbers
even ones you think you will remember
cause it all blows
after a while
the body goes
the mind is fried

oh no i made a thing
is there room? I gotta see
and in the meantime i'll go for a jog
and see if any fat falls off
Track Name: March 4th, 2014 "Web"
who are you waiting for
theres nobody for miles
the sign says closed
but we can wait here for a while
we'll be here first in line
when morning comes around
they'll bring us right inside
and take our orders down

take all of these things and turn them into one

wait for a time you heard
was coming in a dream
its not for everybody
not even for me
waited a month or two
to sleep in my own bed
well you really picked an awful place
to weave your web
Track Name: March 5th, 2014
give me a sign, give me a sign
i need to know how to
take it in stride, take it in stride
try not to run into
the top or the side, top or the side
you would be so lucky
make it in time, make it in time
but never know the ending, never know the ending

of the old tale
of the man stuck in hell

pickup the phone, pick up the phone
this could be important
tell them hello, tell them hello
kindness couldn't hurt a
fly on the wall, fly on the wall
seein what we're doin
all of the time, all of the time
everything is ruined, so we will stay tuned in

to the old tale
of the man still stuck in hell
Track Name: March 6th, 2014
waiting out a storm
well be here for a while
better make some room

waiting all the the time
i aint no ones fool
rain just gets you wet
Track Name: March 7th, 2014
bottle up atop the shelf
i cant reach it until
i get older and i grow
i wanna be the one who knows

lemon hangin in the tree
holdin on real right i see
hoping for the wind to blow
i wanna be the one who knows

everyone is in the bar
i'm too young and its too far
some day i'll come back and show
i wanna be the one who knows
Track Name: March 8th, 2014
pull me out of a mud pit
still awake i'll get the wood lit

oh firelight is all we need
its warm and bright and i can see
something in the trees behind

put it out just as the rain hits
but i cant see if my tents wet

oh another night is all we need
we'll dry out and see the leaves
that were just burnin up yesterday

fire water
i got alot a
fire water
but i dont wanna
Track Name: March 10th, 2014
you saw the answer in the street
it wasnt big but it was neat
i know that youre the one today
to take a turn and turn away
can you feel the world alone
when theres nothing else to know
when you cant say that its old
the new beginnings honest
Track Name: March 11th, 2014
i wont beat on the ground again
for all the times it couldve been
i wont call over there again
the phones been turned off anyway

it wont be known, no no
its here, for real, in sight not just in mind
Track Name: March 13th, 2014
Almost found a friend

who are you though?

Later, near the end

who are you though?
Track Name: March 14th, 2014
summon a ghost
whispy and wide
ill be there too on the day i die

dont be so down
dwelling on death
no one i knows a ghost quite yet

ghost i know
rides along
tells himself it wont be long
Track Name: March 15th, 2014
dont fall down
theres nobody here to catch you
and youd make us sad too
you dont want that do you?

one night
you called up
a guy
to pick you up

dont fall down
he wasnt there when we were
back in school
you couldnt stand on your own two

one night
got fed up
caught a flight

last night
you got fed up
wanted a fight
youd had enough
Track Name: March 16th, 2014
so far gone away
i found a way
i found a way

later in the day
i found a way
i found a way

no one else would stay
i found a way
i found a way

i found a way
i found a way

muscle bound, a locking jaw
a clenching fist on a south paw
oh go away

assuredly i'll lose
i found a way
i found a way

battered up and bruised
i found a way
i found a way

front page of the news
i found a way
i found a way

i found a way
i found a way'
Track Name: March 17th, 2014
dont need you anyway
dont need you anyway
but the sun wont shine
if the moons not mine

i saw it shine today
i saw it shine today
but i dont know why
cause the moons kinda up and down and all around
Track Name: March 18th, 2014
you turn on a dime
soon itll be mine
its not stuck to the ground

you said it was fine
i'll have to decide
it wasnt made that well

pulled up late
took the bait
were in a jam, you know

you wanted to find
evidence of a crime
but it was all torn up

would you lie now you said
well id sooner be dead
im not goin down for this

through the water
i dont care
any more
Track Name: March 19th, 2014
i would break the bank for you
i would rob one too

its a silly thing to do
but i'd do it for you

i had to say no way
its not in your dna

to do something bad
i cant see it happening

but oh you never know
people suprise me every day
surprise me every day

so you break the band for me
go on a robbin spree
Track Name: March 23rd, 2014
you can see it all
hanging on the wall
a picture that was painted
by a guy we knew

a sunset and a shore
a house without a door
give me just a minute and
i'll find somemore

its no suprise
its no suprise
that i wont

its no suprise
its no suprise
its over

wanted it to fall
you took it off the wall
couldnt stand the sight of a memory
Track Name: March 26th, 2014
in another time
you couldve been the one who
drew the line
the one that i stepped into
but its alright
i wouldnt want to blame you
call it a night
and know that i will see you
if you dont turn away

in another time
i couldve been the one to
make things fine
that thats not what i'm into
we keep it on
dont care who we turn into
\ theres nothin to hide
but something weird to see here
if you dont turn away

in another time
i couldnt say whats missing
i see it now
just look at what youre given
its nothing much
but itll keep you sittin
on top of the pile
youll fall down just as easy
if you dont turn away
Track Name: March 27th, 2014
the shoes in the tree
all the kids throw them up
when theve had enough
how do they know?
just when

the shoes in the mall
youve seen them before
the same ones youll see
up in the tree
theyre not too much

the kids dont know why
they do what they do
some of them claim
the shoes are to blame
well who knows

they all could be right
and i could be wrong
but shoes in a tree
dont have a song
to sing
Track Name: March 28th, 2014
i tried my hand
at bein bland
i woke up feelin nothin good

i made a plan
to be a man
i cant tell what the role requires

give me a lesson

three weeks i wait
around the date
it comes but nothing happens

i bet youre glad
i paid ahead of time
for your dumb lesson

dont go round messin
i took your lesson
but it did no good
Track Name: March 30th, 2014
i wait for the confidence
to show my face
it wasnt that long ago
i found my new place

dont run a way from
the list on the wall
just dont do it all
at once

i showed what they really want
i read all their minds
in time you will see them too
their simple designs

we fall we fall
but dont you mind dont you mind
i need to get a sense
of how the bottom feels for real

dont wait for confidence
youre all out of place