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David Gilmore
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David Gilmore Man o man I like to listen to this when I ride my bike by the cemetery and it's sunny but kinda crisp out there Favorite track: generifus.
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This release ties up my loose ends for 2014, was going to record some of these for new LP but wrote (maybe) better stuff in the meantime.

Recorded 12/27/14 in my cave. On tape, the same set up as "The World" minus the broken heater in the background the whole time.

Cover by Paul Elliott Williams.

Thanks for all the support! SS


released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


generifus Olympia, Washington

Spencer Sult with different buds playing live..

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Track Name: generifus
theres a creature
underneath ya and he'll
come and eat ya
come and eat ya

im a creature
on the beach uh huh and ill
come between ya
come between ya

oh i'd like to meet ya
for all i know he wouldnt eat ya
but ill be underwater
until he goes

tell the creature
hes no match for me if he
tries and eats ya
tries and eats ya

theres a seasell
ridin in the wave
and im gona reach it
gona reach it
Track Name: untied
We all know its untied
but no one says anything
we all lied to her face
no one got up the guts to say

tie it up
we can see
secret lives
secret things

Called it back in the day
say it coming around
no where else in the world
would the people you know say to

tie it up
we can see
secret lives
secret things
Track Name: okay
Hope I don't know when it's over
Hope I won't see it's gone by
Hope I don't try getting high

Hope I wont see nothing's burning
Hope I see what it's all right
Hope it's clear for me and my

On no what's the deal?
I see some ones here
who says its okay
for some one else to stay

Hope its turned on when I get back
Hope that we can see our selves
Hope there's no more someone else
Track Name: ocean's dry
oh im feelin fine
is a line
we all learn in time

oh im feeling down
with the way
its goin now

by the time you fly
ill be there
by your side

oh the the wind will die
on the side
and the oceans dry

the oceans dry
my oh my
(why oh why)

fine i'll go outside
to the light
its so alive

oh its all in line
in a way
i cant pick sides

by the time we fly
we'll be
among the wise

oh the wind will die
on the side
and the oceans dry

the oceans dry
my oh my
Track Name: break the bank
i would break the bank for you
i would rob one too

its a silly thing to do
but i'd do it for you

i had to say no way
its not in your dna

to do something bad
i cant see it happening

but oh you never know
people suprise me every day
surprise me every day

so you break the band for me
go on a robbin spree